Mario Cortez Photography 


It's said that a picture is worth a thousand words. The power of one image can sometimes tell a life's story. In one single moment we are able to steal a piece of life and frame it for the world to see. It is through the eye of the lens that the world slows and becomes much more clear. We pause life and reflect on the single frame in front of us. It is only then that the world's beauty can truly be appreciated. It's through that appreciation that works of art are born and through that birth that all works of art strive to become a master piece...

My name is Mario Cortez and welcome to my visual perception. I'm a photographer based in Indianapolis, IN. I've been active in the world of photography since 2013. I enjoy how this art form gives you the ability to capture life in all of its perfect moments. It was just that ability that lead me down the road to forming my own photography company. From portraits to street art, anything is possible. Let's work together to achieve just the look you're searching for. Now without further ado, welcome to the Mario Cortez Experience.